Board of Directors


Our influential board of directors is passionate about strengthening the foundations of our local communities.


Robyn Hansen, President
Leigh Houghland, Vice President
Don Buckless, Treasurer
Joe Fernandes, CFP, Secretary


Dru Bowman
Jennifer Boykin
Mason Brent
Robert Brown
Don Buckless
Pete Clendenin
Bill Cowardin
Mary Diggs
Marcus Downey
Frank Edgar, Jr.
Justin Hardwick
Bob Harper
Bruce Hoogstraten
Tom Hunnicutt, III
Hank Lewis
Angela McPherson
Charlette Mitchell
Tom Morris, Jr.
Zoran Pajevic
Jason Patton
Ron Perry
Dave Plummer
Renee Rountree
Randy Saltzman
Paul Sciacchitano
Rob Shuford, Jr.
Claudia Soucek
Thomas Tingle
Dwight West
Tricia White
Edith Withers
Zachary Wittkamp
Nhu Yeargin


If you are passionate about your community and your YMCA, you may choose to volunteer to sit on the board; you should contact your local YMCA Branch Director to inquire.

Our mission is to put Christian principles into practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind and body for all.