The First Tee of the Virginia Peninsula

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Our vision is to make the game of golf accessible to all youth and to positively impact their lives through programs that promote life skills, character development, and healthy choices.

The First Tee of the Virginia Peninsula is operated by the Peninsula Metropolitan YMCA. We provide an environment for youth to learn valuable life skills as well as learn how to play golf. The First Tee serves area youth ages 5 – 14.

Four area golf courses collaborate with our First Tee program: Kiln Creek Golf ClubThe Hamptons Golf Course, Newport News Golf Club at Dear Run, and Colonial Heritage Golf Club in Williamsburg. All training and events occur at each of these courses.


CONTACT us about golf

The First Tee of the Virginia Peninsula
C/O Peninsula Metropolitan YMCA
41 Old Oyster Point Road, Suite C
Newport News, VA 23602

Phone: (757) 653-5183
Fax: (757) 223-7926

Program Director: Jessica Huss
Branch Director: Tom Carnevale

COST & REGISTRATION for first tee golf

The $75 annual fee covers participation for an entire year which is four 6-week sessions, two in the spring, one in the summer, and one in the fall. Use the PROGRAM SEARCH button above to find the session that works best for your child.


How the first tee golf Program Works

The First Tee Life Skills Experience is a program that teaches valuable everyday life lessons to children. The program curriculum is divided into four levels based on recommended ages:  PLAYer, Par, Birdie and Eagle. Regardless of ability and age, all participants enter at the PLAYer level.

TARGET is an introductory course available to 5- and 6-year-old participants. Various games focus on hand-eye coordination. TARGET is ideal for participants who have had little exposure to the game of golf. Participants are introduced to the six life-skills presented in the acronym TARGET: Take Aim, Anyone Can Play, Respect, Golf is a Game, Enjoy Yourself, Try It. Once a child is registered in the TARGET program, he/she begins training in the PLAYer level to achieve Par status.

  1. PLAYer – The PLAYer level focuses on courtesy toward others, responsibility for the course, and developing confidence. Golfers ages 7 and older, enter the program through our PLAYer program. This is an introductory program for all new participants. Once a youth is registered in the PLAYer program, he/she will begin training to achieve Par status.
  2. PAR – Participants must be PLAYer certified prior to taking the Par level. Golf skills include: swing, grip, stance, and introduction to match play. Life-skills addressed include interpersonal communication and self-management.
  3. BIRDIE – Participants must be PAR certified prior to taking the BIRDIE level. This level emphasizes goal setting, which includes the ability to plan for the future by defining and setting reachable goals, as well as devising plans to achieve these goals and overcome challenges. Golf skills include: course management, etiquette, and advanced swing and putting skills.
  4. EAGLE – Participants must be BIRDIE certified prior to taking the EAGLE level. This level focuses on wellness and health for the mind and body, conflict resolution and diversity, and it explores careers in the golf industry. Golf skills include: playing competitively, effective practice strategies, how to self-correct, and accuracy.

The First Tee golf Specialty Programs

Girls Golf LPGA-USGA – provides an opportunity for girls to develop friendships and experience competition in a fun, supportive environment, preparing them for a lifetime of enjoyment of the game. Participants receive the Life Skills Curriculum and progress through the PLAYer, Par, Birdie, Eagle and Ace levels. There are special events throughout the year.

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Our mission is to put Christian principles into practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind and body for all.