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We all agree technology offers parents and kids opportunities to learn more conveniently. The problem is, it can come at a price if we don’t take care to make sure safeguards are in place. Here are some tips to help guide you and your children.

  1. Be a Net-Savvy Parent
    The best safeguard against online dangers is being informed. Jump in and learn the basics of the Internet—read articles, take a class, and talk to other parents. A good place to start is A good place to stay current with technology is
  2. Agree on a Game Plan
    Use the Game plan™ to formally agree on your family’s guidelines for using the Internet. Post them near the family computer as a reminder. Ensure that your kids know to never share personal information on the Internet and that they should tell you about any online activity or contact that makes them uncomfortable.
  3. Protect Your Computer
    In only a few minutes, parental control software like Safe Eyes can block inappropriate websites, restrict the amount of time that your kids use the Internet and monitor their Instant Messenger chats to protect against predators.
  4. “Chat” With Your Kids
    Talk with your kids about the benefits and dangers of the Internet. Cultivate an interest in their online activities—their favorite Websites, online games, and interests. Don’t be afraid to ask your children who they are talking to online.
  5. Explore the Internet as a Family
    With a game plan and a protected computer, you can now encourage your family to take advantage of all that the Internet has to offer. Take a genuine interest in what your kids are doing and stay engaged with them online.

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