The YMCA is a safe place. Did you know all YMCA staff pass a complete background check before they are hired? Because we work with parents to provide support and guidance to raise healthy and happy children, we make sure our staff will be good role models for them. We also screen new members to make sure they aren’t on the sex-offender’s list.

What the Experts recommend:

  1. Be extremely careful about who you teach your child is a “safe adult.” If you are unsure, stay with your child.
  2. Let them know who the trusted adults are in their lives. Remember, however, that many adults in trusted positions hurt children.
  3. Practice dangerous situations with your child and show them how to say no, run away and to make a bunch of noise if they are in an uncomfortable situation. Don’t assume once is enough, review regularly.
  4. Teach children what kind of touching is appropriate and inappropriate.
  5. Kids can and should always tell a safe adult if someone does something that hurts them or makes them feel uncomfortable.
  6. Teach children to always let a trusted adult know where they are going.
  7. Kids should play and travel in groups. Being alone makes them more susceptible to being hurt.
  8. Teach your kids that adults should ask for help or directions from adults, not children. Often abductors trick kids into going with them by offering candy, toys or baby animals.
  9. Teach your child to tell you right away if someone gives them a gift or extra attention.
  10. If an abductor is actually grabbing a child, the child should fall on the ground, kick, scream, bite, and fight as hard as they can and make as much noise as they can.’ScriptManager’+were+found.+FindControl+requires+that+controls+have+unique+IDs.&content=0

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