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Here are some ways to deal with some common stressful situations life may throw your way.

Surviving a Layoff

Remaining employees are twice as likely to die of heart disease from job stress.

Information can be calming:

  • Ask what lies ahead
  • What is your job security
  • What new duties do you have

Using Your Computer

When you flick on your computer your breathing rate goes up 30%, your blinking rate goes way down, and you tighten your arms.

Take quick breaks:

  • Change your position every half hour or so
  • Close your eyes
  • Flex your wrists
  • Stand while on the phone


Men who experience irritation while commuting were more likely to act stressed throughout the day.

Adjust your time on the road:

  • Talk to your supervisor to adjust work schedule
  • Leave 30 minutes earlier
  • Find an enjoyable radio station

A Newly Pregnant Wife

The first months of a pregnancy are the most stressful for first-time fathers, many of whom don’t feel prepared for the responsibilities that lie ahead. Men often feel a sense of satisfaction and well-being when they take care of the people who depend on them.

Develop a financial strategy:

  • Draw up a new will
  • Start a college account
  • Get your insurance in order

Trying to Relax

Forget your stress, just breathe deeply. Feel better? Maybe in the short term but relaxation techniques can soon wear off. There is no substitute for getting to—and dealing with—the root cause of your stress.

Deal with your stress

  • What can I do?
  • How can I fix it?
  • Make a 2 column list-those items you can fix and those out of your control.

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