A Bond Stronger Than Peanut Butter and Jelly

Posted on: January 25, 2017

Expert Insights Into Being More Charitable at The Peninsula Metropolitan YMCA

If you’re starting to feel that only a very full, very strong pot of coffee will get you out of bed, join the club. Holiday bills are high, temperatures are lower, and the days are way too short. As the cooler weather sets in this winter, the only thing that might ease your suffering is binge watching the latest Netflix or HBO series.

When your mood is falling, focus on what’s important in your life and set goals for the coming months. To get started, lift your spirits and ease the mid-winter doldrums with these four ways to be more charitable at The Peninsula Metropolitan YMCA.

  1. Uncover a passion in your community. Identify the organization(s) that you feel does the greatest good. Perhaps it’s the food pantry down the street or an animal shelter that is near and dear to your heart.
  2. Think about the difference you can make. What does your support look like? Is it volunteering with your family and friends? A one-time or annual cash donation? A gift you plan for the future? Make a sincere assessment of the commitment that feels right for you, factoring in your financial priorities and values.
  3. Put your plan in action. Now it’s time to make your passion and impact a reality. Contact Adam Klutts at 757.223.7925 ext 203 or adam.klutts@peninsulaymca.org to start a conversation and see how you can make a meaningful difference.
  4. Share your passion with your community. Use social media as a way to share your passion with family, friends and followers. You have the opportunity to make a difference in your community and the world.

Deepen Your Connection to The Peninsula Metropolitan YMCA

We are happy to help you find ways to deepen your connection with our mission. Simply contact Adam Klutts at adam.klutts@peninsulaymca.org or 757.223.7925 ext 203 to talk about how you and your family can make a difference at The Peninsula Metropolitan YMCA this year.

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