A “Powerful” Connection

Posted on: March 1, 2018

There is something so sweet about cherished chatter over of a cup of coffee with your female friends. Women often desire the closeness that comes from sharing daily joys and struggles. After becoming members of the Y, Lauren, Sara and Adrian’s commitment to fitness and passion for power lifting drew their paths closer to crossing. Their trio of strength manifested quickly.

“The YMCA provides a synergistic atmosphere where relationships and goals like ours flourish. Our formidable team is able to accomplish all that our training requires via the continuous encouragement and necessary equipment. We have been tremendously blessed to have our coach, Ernie, at the Y. None of our training would be possible without his support which has led each of us to hold Virginia State records.

We do life over coffee. We do empowerment under barbells. We never met before joining the Y, and found that we share a love for lifting at the Y. We are being sharpened by inner and outer strength. We aren’t just going to the gym, we’re powerlifting at the YMCA.

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