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Group Exercise

Who knew working out could be so fun? Here’s a line-up of our Group Exercise classes; we have included the most popular ones that meet all levels of intensity and abilities. Stop in today and give one a try!

Fit Yoga – Beginner: Yoga for the fitness enthusiast. This style uses powerful flowing poses designed to increase circulation, promote flexibility, strengthen the body, and increase the mind/body connection.

Fu6ion Fit – Intermediate: This is a non-stop athletic-based program that gives you anything you need and want in cardiovascular, strength, core and flexibility training. This program is for all fitness levels. Developed on a system of progression, the body is trained by fusing many different formats together for a heart-pumping 30-minute workout.

Gentle Yoga – Beginners and All Levels: The focus of this yoga class is to increase flexibility, connect with the  mind, and improve relaxation.

Group Cycling – Beginner and Intermediate classes: Indoor cycling classes simulate outdoor cycling experiences. Classes use a combination of visualization and music cues with self-directed resistance to experience a personal level of exercise intensity.

Powercut: This is a group fitness muscle conditioning program performed to music using plate-loaded bars. Using this endurance/strength training method results in a lean, toned, and “cut” appearance.

Sandbell Circuit – All Levels: Perform a variety of challenging exercises set up in a circuit-style format. The workout is fast-paced, concentrating on both dynamic strength and endurance. Come to play, stay to sweat!

Total Body Fitness – Beginner: This class meets twice weekly and systematically works to improve your total body. Strengthen and tone large and small muscles, improve cardio and respiratory systems, and increase flexibility, range of motion, and spinal health.

Vinyasa Yoga: This moderately paced, flowing class synchronizes breath with movement. It alternates between dynamic movements in basic and intermediate postures and sinking deeper into still poses. A guided deep relaxation concludes the class and leads you to a place of complete relaxation. Great for all levels and due to the tempo it is appropriate for beginners as well as intermediate practitioners.

Zumba®: A blend of Latin and international music to create a dynamic, fun, and effective cardio workout. The class is designed to utilize an interval format, combining various rhythms with movements that tone and sculpt the body.

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Our mission is to put Christian principles into practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind and body for all.