Developing Healthier Behaviors in Children

Posted on: April 15, 2018

Children and Parents Benefit from 5210

In our efforts to help youth and families live healthier lifestyles, the Y has implemented 5210 in all School-Age child care programs. 5210 is part of a national initiative that encourages children to eat five servings of fruits and vegetables, have two hours or less of screen time, get at least one hour of exercise, and drink zero sugary drinks every day. From this, children have tried new foods and new activities they wouldn’t try before participating with the group. It has become interesting and fun for children to try new things and take leadership in introducing a healthier lifestyle to their family.

“My son is a picky eater, and my daughter likes television,” begins Dawn, describing her two kids who both attend the Y’s School-Age child care program. “As a mom, you want your kids to be both happy and healthy. It takes constant reminders to ‘eat your dinner’ and ‘turnoff the TV’; sometimes you have to pick your battles. I have to say; we have fewer battles lately! We are doing a much better job at planning family time to spend together outside, and even grocery shopping has changed for us. Both kids head to the produce section to grab the newest vegetable they’ve tried at the Y. The children have been taught to look at food labels. We take the time to read them before buying some items. As a family, we are now more conscientious about choosing the healthier option thanks to this program. We are all finding ways to be healthier together, and that gives us something new in common, so we are growing stronger as a family as well.

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