How to Help Your Children Be Generous

Posted on: March 16, 2017

6 Secrets for Cultivating Charity at Home

If you have children, chances are there’s a bit more stuff in your house now that the holidays are over. Perhaps concerns of materialism are lingering in the back of your mind as you survey the bounty of new toys and gadgets your children have received.

There are simple ways you can model charitable behavior and teach your children to be altruistic, which in turn can help build their self-esteem, teach them the importance of community involvement and give them a greater appreciation for the things they have in their lives.

Here are a few ideas to help your children get started down the right path:

  1. Talk about giving. Discuss the importance of helping others and how good it feels to make a meaningful contribution. Share why The Peninsula Metropolitan YMCA and other favorite charitable organizations are important to you, and ask your children what causes interest them.
  2. Give your children an allowance. Teach your children about money and helping others by giving them an allowance and dividing it three ways: one to spend, one to save and one to give to a charity of their choice.
  3. Show them the need. Visit charities that your children are interested in supporting. Read books about other cultures, or talk about the news and the problems others face around the world. This gives your children a more personal connection to the people and causes that will benefit from their gift.
  4. Let them choose. Allow your children to select an organization or program that they want to support. Ask them why they opted for that charity. You may be pleasantly surprised by the sensitivity of their selections.
  5. Provide an update. At regular intervals, discuss how the organization used their donations. Ask if they wish to support the same charity or a different one, and talk about other ways they might be able to help, such as volunteering.
  6. Match your children’s generosity. Children learn by watching you, and one way you can help encourage their passion for causes that are important to them is to match their gifts to their selected organizations.

Grow the Seeds of Generosity

Once you’ve planted the idea of giving in your children, we can help you nurture and grow their charitable spirits. Contact Danny Carroll at or 757.223.7925 ext 203 to talk about ways that you and your family can support The Peninsula Metropolitan YMCA.

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