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Posted on: July 27, 2016

As a senior, how can you make the most out of your life? We all strive to be happy, but are there certain steps we can take for ourselves and our bodies so we can become the best we can be?

  1. Treat Your Body Right – Health is vital to living a happy life. Make sure to treat your body right by eating well and getting plenty of exercise. Dump the junk food in favor of fiber-rich, low-fat, and low-cholesterol eating, make sure to get plenty of zzz’s at night, and find a work-out activity that is enjoyable and right for you.
  2. Reduce Stress – Lots of stress can make it hard to be happy. Figure out stress relievers that work for you and perform them regularly (read a good book, make a cup of hot tea, meditate, etc.)!
  3. Make More “You” Time – Constantly putting others first is admirable, but this sometimes causes self-neglect. To take care of the people you love most, you need to make sure to take time for yourself. Whether this is self-reflection time or exercise, you need more “you” time!
  4. Be Financially Stable, But That’s It– Studies have shown that once beyond the poverty level, more money doesn’t usually bring more happiness, because with increased means often come increased desires. Use extra funds to do things you have also wanted to do, like traveling, or starting a new hobby.
  5. Find a Purpose – Getting involved with a cause you believe in can help give you a sense of purpose, overall increasing your happiness in life. Helping others can help transform your life.

At the Y, we care. We offer a variety of classes and programs that can help address your concerns, such as Group Exercise Classes for Seniors ( as well as different health modules throughout each month.

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