Our Values in Action

Posted on: September 5, 2018

“At the Y we are caring.”

It is their first day of summer camp, and five-year-old twins Axel and Fritz are ready to meet new friends and have a great time at the Y. Enthusiastic camp counselors greet them as they arrive. Within a few minutes, the boys are playing games with fellow campers. At the sound of a whistle, the campers line up by groups to prepare for the Camp Opening. A camp counselor helps Axel and Fritz find and join their groups. The first day of summer camp is off to an amazing start.

After an energizing Camp Opening full of fun camp songs, the boys’ group sets off for their day of adventures. During a healthy eating activity fellow campers, Jocelyn took it upon herself to sit with the boys and translate the activity instructions. At no point during camp did the fact that Axel and Fritz only spoke Spanish hold them back from participating and having a great time. When Jocelyn was asked why she helped the boys, she commented, “At the Y we are caring. So I helped them play the game.”

The Y’s core values of Caring, Honesty, Respect, and Responsibility are instilled in our programs to help develop full potential in a positive environment. Jocelyn’s act of kindness demonstrates the core values in action.

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