A Positive Attitude Leads to a Positive Outcome

Posted on: March 1, 2018

APYC/YMCA Camp Kekoka is a summer camp that is more than just fun activities and meeting new friends; it helped me see a better me. It has impacted my life in the best way; I now understand the importance of kindness and that it is okay to be myself.

They Y teaches us core values and caring is one of them. Before I went to Camp Kekoka, I understood that it is good to be nice to people but camp helped me apply it. I was usually nice to people when it helped me; now I’m nice to people all the time. I have learned that saying one nice thing can positively impact someone’s day. When I am positive, I impact others to be positive.

An example of this is when my group was trying to settle a challenging situation. One of our friends in the group began telling us how funny we are; it made us realize the fight was unecessary and her words were impactful.

Before camp, it was hard to be myself because I believed what other people thought about me was important. At camp, it’s such a safe environment that you can genuinely be yourself all the time. It is an amazing feeling. Camp has impacted my life. -Kaity, YMCA Camper

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