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Posted on: May 2, 2019

Forty years of assembling cars gave Colinthus Foote an appreciation for efficiency. He employs that same thinking to his fitness regimen at the Northern Neck Family YMCA. In fact, when he leaves home for the Y, his wife asks him, “Are you going to work?”

Foote has a weekday schedule; on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday he takes YES (Young Energetic Seniors), Yoga, and STEP aerobic classes. On Mondays Foote adds a Pilates class to the mix and on Fridays he subtracts the aerobics class. Tuesday’s classes include three different Yoga classes and weight training.

Colinthus Foote takes a break between classes at the Northern Neck Family YMCA.

Foote believes that each class enhances his health and quality of life. The aerobic classes and weight training help him stay in shape as he gets older. The YES classes focus on functional fitness while the yoga classes incorporate a whole body and mind approach to wellness. Foote has gained flexibility through yoga and incorporates its relaxation techniques into his waking up and going to sleep routines.

While believing you need to “Use it or lose it,” Foote knows his body and acknowledges what he can and can’t do. Each class instructor works with him to insure exercises are performed properly and, if necessary, modified to ensure comfort and safety.

When Foote endured some health problems he gave up his pool workouts. Now, fully recovered he is looking forward to the new YMCA aquatics center opening in the fall. He has reserved a couple of time slots for water aerobics.

You won’t see Foote at the YMCA on Thursdays, that is his day to take care of chores around his home and yard. With a grin, he confesses, “I love it when it rains.”

Colinthus Foote practices dance moves with fellow Y-member and Shagger, Rae Paul.But, rain or shine, on Thursday night Foote indulges in his passion for dancing. He goes to KC’s Crabs and Cues to dance with the Northern Neck Shaggers group. “I love to move,” says Foote, so it is no surprise that music and dancing have always been a part of his life.

In Foote’s mid-teens he attended block and basement parties in his Baltimore neighbor and discovered the joys of dancing. In his 20’s this turned into a side job as a Supersonic Sounds’ DJ. The group played dance music for weddings, events, and hosted their own club parties.

Not satisfied watching everyone else dance, Foote joined Stepping Out Productions. This stylish troupe performed elaborate dance routines at parties and stage shows.

When asked how he got from Baltimore to the Northern Neck, Foote shakes his head and says, “It’s always a woman.” Which is another way of saying he did it for love.

In fact, Foote attributes his Y “job” to his wife and daughter. After retiring, he was content doing household chores and watching television. His family, however, feared he would soon get bored of this routine and encouraged him to get out of the house more. With this encouragement, Foote took an aerobics class. Then he took another and soon Foote was taking his lunch to the Y so he could avoid driving home between workouts.

The time between classes allows Foote to run errands, spend time at the library, practice his dance moves, and model for classes at the Rappahannock Art League. He has made so many friends at these spots that his wife teases him about knowing everyone in the county.

It should not be a surprise that Foote has so many friends. Although he has a quiet demeanor, he is a people person at heart and generous with his time. He can often be seen offering a gentle suggestion to a new workout participant. At other times people come to ask him questions because they respect his knowledge and experience about a class. And, just as often someone will strike up a random conversation with him; everyone likes a kind soul with a positive outlook on life.

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