Summer Crafts For Kids

Posted on: May 30, 2018

School’s out for summer! Yay! But wait . . . kids are used to being constantly busy during the school year and we sometimes run out of ideas at home. We thought you might like some easy summer craft projects to keep on hand for those moments when kids need an activity and you need an idea. Our suggestion . . . go on an excursion with your kids to pick up all the items listed below you don’t already have in your craft box. Organize the items into each summer craft project and store them where you can easily pull them out at a moment’s notice.

small bottles with designs applied to them to look like stained glassStained Glass Vase  – Using some clear glass, tissue paper, and mod podge we are going to create our own “stained glass.”

  • two or three colors of tissue paper
  • mod podge gloss
  • clear glass container that will make a nice vase

1. Use scissors to cut pieces of tissue paper in whatever colors you choose. They can be geometric shapes, hearts, or even pieces torn by hand. Feel free to get creative!

2. Paint a little mod podge on the glass first then place the tissue on the glass, and then follow up with a thin coat of mod podge. That way, you’ll get a great stained glass effect. Follow all along the glass, cover completely, or make a pattern. Whatever look you are going for is perfect.

3. If you aren’t covering the entire glass with tissue paper, go ahead and spread a thin coat of mod podge all over the glass anyway—even in the empty spaces.

In the light the glass will catch the colors just right and you will have your own stained glass piece for your collection.

Learn more about stained glass.

home made sun catchers made from birthday party plates, and cut flowers and leavesNature Collage Suncatcher – gather flowers and foliage from a nature walk in your yard, a trip to the park, or from your vacation to the beach, mountains, or grandma’s house to create these beautiful eye-catching collages. Hang them in your child’s window as a reminder of the fun they had on their trip.

  • Left-over paper plates of any color
  • Clear contact paper
  • flowers, leaves, stems
  • String, fishing line, or ribbon to hang

1. Make the frame for the suncatcher by cutting out the center of the plate

2. Use the center piece you cut out in step 1. to help with the size of contact paper. Cut a square of contact paper just larger than the center of the plate. Trim down the corners to make sure they don’t stick out past the plate edges and then stick it to the back of the paper plate so the sticky side of the contact paper is up when the plate is set on a table.

3. Have your child place their nature items to the contact paper, inside the paper plate frame. They can use petals and bits of leaves instead of the whole flower if they want. The contact paper isn’t too sticky so pieces can be removed to adjust the design.

4. Poke a hole in the center of the plate edge so you can thread in the ribbon to hang the suncatcher

Idea found at Hands On As We Grow

Of course, the YMCA offers lots of activities for kids through the summer. We’re here to help you and your child have the best summer ever!

Summer Camp – choose from traditional day camp, sleep over camp for kids 8 and above, and specialty camps that meet kids where their interests lie.

Swimming – swimming with your kids is a fun way to spend quality time playing with your child. Summer is a good time to help your child gain skill and safety in the water with YMCA swim lessons or swim team.

Ask at your Y for more family programs offered during the summer.

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