Taking Charge of My Life

Several years ago I had a conversation with a good friend. After explaining how much stress I was going through and some of my symptoms, my friend asked, “Have you seen a cardiologist?” I really didn’t want anything else on my agenda, but I broke down and went.

The cardiologist detected an irregular heartbeat and palpitations brought on by stress. For every good heartbeat I had one bad one. I started taking medications to slow down my heart rate but noticed I was struggling to breathe. At my next visit, the cardiologist said I now had three bad heartbeats for every good one and I was not going to live long like that.

I needed to take charge of my life, so I immediately began to walk and take yoga. I joined the YMCA and started attending a group exercise class. Before long, these classes became “tame” for me and I started more intense classes. Soon I forgot that I was taking these classes because it was “what the doctor ordered,” they had become part of my daily routine and something I enjoyed.

Eventually my cardiologist reported that I no longer had extra heartbeats. He was amazed and asked what I had done so he could share it with his other patients. Yoga and regular exercise at the Y were the keys to my success.

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