The Best Way to Live Forever

Posted on: March 30, 2017

The thought of living forever might sound appealing on certain days when you look at your to-do list. But unless one of the members of the Tuck family immortalized in the children’s book Tuck Everlasting gave you a bottle of magic spring water to drink, you should start developing alternative strategies for accomplishing that to-do list.

But don’t completely give up on the idea of living forever. There’s a way you can remain a permanent presence at the Peninsula Metropolitan YMCA and ensure that your support for our mission lives on for generations to come: Give an endowed gift.

How Endowments Work

You give a gift to the Peninsula Metropolitan YMCA, which we carefully invest. You can give cash, securities or other assets to an endowment fund you create. Another option is to contribute to an already established endowment. You can also create an endowment after your lifetime by leaving the Peninsula Metropolitan YMCA a gift in your will or using your retirement account or life insurance benefits.

Once we receive your gift, we will use a small portion each year to support our mission or the particular program or project you’ve designated. The balance of your endowment fund will remain invested to ensure that it lasts forever.

Turn Your Annual Support Into a Forever Gift

Consider this example: Molly has been a longtime, loyal supporter of the Peninsula Metropolitan YMCA and gives us $1,000 every year. She wants to make sure that we can continue to count on her regular support even after her lifetime, and decides the best way to do that is to endow her annual gift. We spend 4 percent of our endowment each year and reinvest the difference to offset inflation, so Molly donates $25,000, which ensures that her $1,000 annual gift will continue forever.

To calculate other potential scenarios, simply divide the amount you would like us to receive each year by the percentage in the endowment spending policy (4 percent, for example). This gives you the amount you need to donate to extend your annual gift forever.

Immortality Is Within Your Reach

To learn more about creating an endowment at the Peninsula Metropolitan YMCA or other ways to extend your support into the future, contact Danny Carroll at or 757.223.7925 ext 203.

Don’t Keep Your Generosity a Secret

Spread the word about the Peninsula Metropolitan YMCA and why our work is important to you by sharing your support on social media. Your example can encourage others to support our mission and increase the impact you can make at the Peninsula Metropolitan YMCA.

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