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YMCA Renames Newport News YMCA

T.N. Hunnicutt III, now 84 years old, recalls the old Newport News YMCA, erected on 32nd Street in 1901: “You didn’t lift weights; there was no weight-lifting equipment. If you were above 6 feet tall, you didn’t play basketball in the basement gym either, the ceiling was too low. There was no pool. The Y wasn’t much of a fitness center; instead, it was the hangout for guys and gals. It was a favorite lunch spot for Newport News High School students.”

In 1965, at the age of 33, Tommy became a member of the Newport News YMCA Board of Directors. He followed in the footsteps of his father, Dr. T.N. Hunnicutt Jr., who was President of the Newport News YMCA from 1948-1949.

Tommy was elected to his first term as President in 1970, the year the new YMCA broke ground on Warwick Boulevard. The new Newport News YMCA opened its doors there on June 3, 1971.

After 120 years, the Peninsula Metropolitan YMCA, formerly the YMCA of Newport News Virginia, has grown to 18 locations serving over 50,000 members. Our service area stretches over 120 miles, and our programs and member services register nearly 1,000,000 kids and families each year.

We are proud of our YMCA and indebted to volunteers and donors like the Hunnicutt family, who have given so much of their lives that our YMCA may serve so many. For over 70 years of service to our community by the Hunnicutt family,
we hereby rename the Newport News Family YMCA the Tom and Ann Hunnicutt Family YMCA.

Leigh Houghland, President
Danny Carroll, Chief Executive Officer
Peninsula Metropolitan YMCA

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