Your Family and Internet Safety

Posted on: September 16, 2016

Educating your children about being safe online may be as fundamentally important as teaching them how to cross the road. The internet makes it easy for youth to see and hear inappropriate content, meet online “friends” that you will probably never know and converse quietly with strangers while sitting right next to you. Parents should understand and accept that their children will grow up differently than those of their generation. This does not mean you have to step back and just watch it happen. Parenting has taken a turn over the years and the bar has been raised!

As your children grow up, invite them to talk with you about what they do online in the same way they do about offline activities. Equip your child so that they don’t feel bad about telling you what they see and do online. There are so many things to consider when teaching your children online safety and ensuring it is happening. To help guide you and narrow down the steps to take depending on their age, click below for an online agreement between you and your child from



Parent Pledge

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